Didn’t Know A Soul

by Debra Johnson

I am from the Bay Area in California and lived there my entire 65 years with a few exceptions of living a year here or there in other places. One of those was Corvallis and then Portland in my twenties.  When my daughter needed to move from her Berkeley CA home, she suggested Oregon since she had been born there.   We came to Ashland and looked at homes for her in Ashland, Talent, Eugene, Florence, and Medford.  She found a darling house in Medford and bought it that day!

Feeling a bit envious that she was going to escape the high paced and high(er) cost of bay area living, I asked the realtor if there was anything of no maintenance and turnkey; i.e. ready to move in and had a high walkability score!
Being solo, I did not want a house to maintain and wanted to be able to leave for long periods of time with no worries about the house.

She showed me some new condos downtown.  I put a down payment on one and moved here a couple months later.  It took me awhile to feel at home. I did not know a soul here when I came, but through the newcomers group, I have made some delightful connections and some very good friends.  The women’s breakfasts are awesome – we started with 10 women at the first breakfast. Now, I think it is near 30 and growing!

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