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Didn’t Know A Soul

by Debra Johnson

I am from the Bay Area in California and lived there my entire 65 years with a few exceptions of living a year here or there in other places. One of those was Corvallis and then Portland in my twenties.  When my daughter needed to move from her Berkeley CA home, she suggested Oregon since she had been born there.   We came to Ashland and looked at homes for her in Ashland, Talent, Eugene, Florence, and Medford.  She found a darling house in Medford and bought it that day!

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What Happened After We Got Here

By Diane Kish

My story is a slightly different topic.  It’s about what happened after settling in to Ashland.  We weren’t quite sure we were going to stay, we were testing the waters for a year so we chose a house to rent.   That was in 2008.  I joined the newcomers group within weeks of unpacking.   Immediately I made friends and was invited to my first potluck dinner.   I met someone there with the same name tag name as me and we became instant friends.  I knew then that we found our new home.  When the lease was up in 2009 we bought a house.  After a year or so of potlucking with a core group that all seemed to move here within 1-2 years of each other, someone suggested that we spin off from the then true ‘newcomers’ and start our own potluck group with that core of about 24 people.

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My First year in Ashland

by Asifa Kanji

Kaboom! We landed in Ashland, on our feet, a little breathless, having little idea of what our new life had in store for us. That was just ten months ago. Were we nuts to leave our cozy Hawaiian cradle and arrive here dead smack in the middle of winter’s iciest time? Looking back, we have no regrets. However, as I put on layer after layer of clothes, thermal underwear, flannel shirts, fleeces and overcoats, topped with hats and scarves, I found myself longingly looking at the little Hawaiian floral cotton shift hanging in my closet, and questioned my sanity.

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